Watch HGTV Friday Night

The good folks at the Melrose Trading Post let us know that our local flea market will be featured on HGTV Friday evening.  The trading post, which is run by Greenway Arts Alliance and benefits Fairfax High School, is this week’s setting for the new HGTV show Flea Market Flip.  The episode airs Friday at 9:00 pm and is repeated at midnight.

According to HGTV:

Flea Market Flip puts two teams to the test–challenging them to find diamonds in the rough to rescue, recycle, and re-invent into decorating gems and resold for a profit.  Hosted by Good Morning America Co-Anchor Lara Spencer, a flea market fanatic, the teams are given 500 dollars and a limited time to hunt for pieces with potential and haggle for the lowest prices.  Once purchased they’ll head to the workshop to rebuild, refurbish or completely re-invent their finds, in hopes of creating treasures that will bring them a bigger profit.  Then it’s off to the next flea market, where the buyers are now sellers, trying to flip their finds in this winner take all competition.  Whichever team makes more money with their re-imagined design pieces wins a cash prize.

At least it’s not about housewives….

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