Eric Greenspan is Everywhere

Local chef Eric Greenspan of The Foundry on Melrose continues to get media coverage that most chefs would (and certainly do) envy.

Saturday’s Los Angeles Times Home section featured a story about the home kitchen he shares with his fiancee in an “apartment just south of Melrose Avenue.”  As you might expect from a professional chef, Eric does not cook a great deal at home.  Still, he says, “This was the first apartment that I even looked at the kitchen.”

We also recently saw the Zagat Blog include this entry in its list of “LA’s 9 Hottest Openings of 2012”:

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese: Next Iron Chef finalist Eric Greenspan won the Grilled Cheese Invitational with a sandwich made of long-cooked short ribs with melted Taleggio cheese, flavored with an apricot-caper purée. So it makes sense that he’s opening a spot dedicated to the cheesy, homey snack next door to his current place, The Foundry, sometime this spring (adjacent to 7465 Melrose Ave.).

Eric has been talking about opening this grilled cheese shop for a couple years now, as we have reported previously.

So, c’mon Eric, we want our grilled cheese!

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