Poinsettia Park Blooming

One of our roving correspondents sent in photos of some of the great upgrades that have been completed at Poinsettia Park.  The city is putting more than one million dollars into improvements at the park, and everything should be completed by this spring.

The new outdoor exercise equipment is being well used:

The jogging path is open for runners:

The turf on the fields have been completed re-done, and is currently fenced off until all of the grass grows in:

The new baseball field dugouts and bleachers are installed:

As we previously reported, the new children’s playground turned out beautifully, and it’s popular:

The gym floor is shiny and new:

The basketball courts have been re-configured, and there are now two new full-size courts, and one new half-size court:

New park benches are in place and looking snazzy:

The center alley through the park (north-south) has been repaved:

The sidewalk into the park, by the tennis courts (east-west), is now brand new:

One of the projects still underway is the new Community Room attached to the gym:

Overall, the park hasn’t looked this good in decades.  Use it – it’s your park!

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8 Responses to Poinsettia Park Blooming

  1. carol says:

    perhaps you should remind people of the dog rules. yesterday i saw 2 dogs off-leash running on the new jogging path.

    • That’s bad for the park, especially for the kids who have gotten scared by large dogs running right at them. There is a strict leash law for city parks like Poinsettia Park. All dogs must be on leash at all times. If you see a dog owner violating this law, immediately call the park police (the Office of Public Safety). Their 24-hour phone line is 213-978-4670.

      • Polite Dog Owner says:

        Thanks for this phone line info! Many of us dog owners who *do* keep our dogs on leash are sick of the unleashed dogs charging at our pets too, but had idea what recourse to take.

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  4. Howdy says:

    Or better yet, create an area in that huge park to accommodate the dog owners. Guarantee you there are more owners of dogs than owners of children.

    • The Poinsettia Park Advisory Board looked into that, but according to city regulations, there cannot be a dog park (or dog area) in Poinsettia Park. The park is too small (it’s one of the smaller parks in the L.A. park system) and too close to residents (some of whom would object to the noise created by a dog park). Fortunately, dogs are allowed off leash at Runyon Canyon Dog Park, a 90 acre park which is only a mile away – and which is a fantastic place to take dogs.

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