Lots Happening at La Brea and Santa Monica Boulevard

There is lots of activity happening at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, in the City of West Hollywood.

At the popular West Hollywood Gateway complex, a new restaurant called Flame Broiler is going into the space formerly occupied by Ben & Jerry’s and IcePan.  Flame Broiler is an Orange County-based chain that serves “simple, delicious, healthful, Korean style fast food all without dairy, trans-fat, frying and skin.”  It bills itself as “The Rice Bowl King.” It looks like it will be opening soon.

A few doors west, the Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market appears to be a hit.  This eating place opened a couple months ago in the space formerly occupied by the sorely-missed Zeke’s Smokehouse.  Today, it was packed with diners, especially on the pleasant patio.



Directly across the street from the Gateway complex, developer Monarch Group has started the process of tearing down the Carl’s Jr. fast-food restaurant and replacing it with a mixed-use complex with 184 apartments and street-level retail.  The fencing around the property has gone up, and the Carl’s should be going down soon.

We can’t say we’re sorry to see it go.  While Carl’s did have its charms (we recall a few late-night sandwiches that really hit the spot), its parking lot was often a mess, and the clientele was not, shall we say, necessarily community-minded.

Bring on the bulldozers.

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