Spend Sunday with Tab Hunter

One of our local specialty movie theaters has a great line-up on Sunday (November 13, 2011): An Evening with Tab Hunter.  It happens at Cinefamily starting at 7:30 pm.

According to the theater:

Teen heartthrob, accomplished singer, TV celebrity, and gay icon – ladies and gentlemen, this is Tab Hunter, who started life as an introverted youngster, only to become one of the quintessential “boys next door” of the post-War era. Over the past six decades, he’s conquered film, TV, theater and has even had a number-one hit pop single — plus, the list of filmmakers he’s worked with include such luminaries as William Wellman, Raoul Walsh, Stanley Donen, John Huston and the legendary John Waters. No heartthrob from the past century has also poked fun at his own image as wittily as this multi-talented movie star, whose films range from cult musicals to grindhouse shockers and gritty westerns. Come join us for a salute to the all-American idol with a life story more amazing than anything Hollywood could imagine!

Following talk with Tab, there will be a screening of the infamous 1981 John Waters movie Polyester, which starred him and Divine.

Tickets are $10 ($6 for Outfest members, free for Cinefamily members).  You can purchase tickets here.

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