Poinsettia Park Progresses while Plummer Park Pauses

The improvements to Poinsettia Park continue to take place at a healthy pace.  More than one million dollars worth of upgrades are being performed, and everything should be completed by early spring.

The new outdoor basketball courts are now complete:

And work has begun on the brand-new Community Room, which will be attached to the gymnasium building:

Meanwhile, a few blocks north in the City of West Hollywood, the long-planned improvements to Plummer Park have been temporarily put on hold, as reported by Wehonews.com.

West Hollywood was planning on breaking ground in January on an extensive renovation of Plummer Park, with a budget of $41 million.  (That’s an amount that few cities are able to spend on a park these days.)  West Hollywood has been planning these upgrades for 10 years, and has held numerous community meetings to discuss the plan and get feedback from residents.  As part of the plan, underground parking will be constructed, to meet the requests of community members for both more parking and more green space.

So, what happened?  Apparently, a few park users who had never paid any attention to the plans – and had never gone to any community meetings – suddenly realized that changes were coming to the park, and they immediately freaked out.  Now, they are pointing fingers at city officials, and yelling and screaming that nothing can ever be improved.  They even held an “Occupy Plummer Park” day last Sunday.  Because complaining about improvements to a neighborhood park is really just like protesting financial scandals and Wall Street excesses….

It’s a classic case of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) as well as its sister complex, BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone).

We thought that we had some whiners in Melrose Village.  But it appears that the Whiners of West Hollywood take the prize!

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3 Responses to Poinsettia Park Progresses while Plummer Park Pauses

  1. Bonnie Pastor says:

    I have heard that there were some very good reasons to reconsider the plans, including the proposed tearing down of the beautiful Spanish-style building in the park which blends with the neighborhood and is irreplaceable. Indeed I believe there were objections to the plans filed by a number of local elected political representatives. You should check this out further before taking sides and calling the opposition “whiners.” Bonnie Pastor

  2. S.J. HARKER says:

    You really need to educate yourselves about what the Plummer Park Plan actually entails before you accuse the over 1,400 people who have signed the petition opposing the project, of being whiners.  I suspect once you know the facts you, too will sign the petition on change.org.  The plan includes the demolition of the only 2 WPA structures in the city, the destruction of 54 old growth and heritage trees, some over 100 yrs.old and the decimation of historic Fiesta Hall to be replaced with an ultra modern facade.  The underground parking adds only 69 extra spaces and the new preschool, also ultra modern concrete box, allows for only 6 new students, where all 41 children are required by law to be separated from the general population to play and the current design places their play area on the roof with a plastic tarp for shade.  The new trees they are planting will not produce the same shade by their own estimate until 2029!  Are you whining yet?  Maybe the $41.3 million price tag will make you holler!  The city did not get the redevelopment money they wanted from the State so they indebted us to the tune of $125 million for 3 projects.  We did go to meetings but no one listened or responded.  The city manager of a 1.9 sq mi city with 34,000 people makes almost $400,000 a year…more than your guy in L.A.  Their next project?  $15 million on a 4 story automated parking garage behind a 3 story city hall…a robot valet parks your car for you.  Wildly extravagant in this economy where there are people starving, homeless and jobless just like the 99% we don’t want WEHO City Hall spending our taxes on things we do not want and do not need.  We wanted them to fix the broken tiles, restore the historic buildings, plant some new grass and flowers and designate the historic trees.  Need more info? Go to protectplummerpark.com. Thanks.

  3. Mel says:

    West Hollywood is financing the Plummer Park destruction with bonds that are paid for with tax payer’s dollars, and with the current state of both the American and World economies, no bond is without great risk. The design of the proposed park does not fit in with the neighborhood, and regardless of what you may think of the residents of the Plummer Park area, they have the right to disagree with how their tax dollars are spent. This is NOT whining. How would you react if Poinsettia Park had been razed and replaced with an underground parking garage, and some large planters with trees for your “shade”?

    Read the facts and visit the new website designed to better inform the citizens of West Hollywood about what is going on at Plummer Park. This is not a simple “upgrade.” It is a wasteful, decadent pipe-dream, and shows no consideration to the people who actually use the park on a daily basis. $56,000 dollars a piece for 179 parking spaces: Seriously? Cutting down 54 healthy shade trees for massive slabs of concrete: Huh? The list goes on and on. $41.3 million dollars does NOT have to be spent to improve and upgrade Plummer Park

    Please, get educated about the facts and do not insult the intelligence of the concerned residents of West Hollywood. Visit: http://www.protectplummerpark.com You may change your mind.

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