Law Enforcement Actions Expected to Reduce Crime

At last night’s meeting of the Mid City West Community Council Public Safety Committee, LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Arthur Gallegos reported on the resolution of a couple of crime sprees in our area.  Officer Gallegos is the SLO from Wilshire Division whose area includes Melrose Village.

There had been some increase in crime in the area and, based on reports, law enforcement noticed the patterns involved.

One pattern involved a number of robberies in the area, and last Friday West Hollywood Sheriff’s detectives took two people into custody.  Based on information from the victims as well as statements by those arrested, it looks like these are the persons doing those robberies.  So we should see a decrease in robberies because of the arrests.

The other pattern involved commercial burglaries, with window smashes and property theft to businesses on Melrose and Beverly.  LAPD Wilshire Division officers, working under cover, monitored the area and saw a suspicious individual walking back and forth. This was in the very early morning when there was little or no traffic.  The suspect waited and got a rock and the officer saw him throw the rock.  The suspect heard the approaching officers and ducked back in the dark and hid under a house.  A perimeter was set up near Beverly and Martel.  A canine unit was then brought in and followed him under the house. The suspect, who was then taken custody, was likely responsible for many similar robberies in our area.

Thanks to LAPD Wilshire Division and the L.A. Sheriff’s Department personnel who cover the area right next to us in West Hollywood. These are great examples of the coordination among sections of the LAPD and between LAPD and LASD to reduce crime in our area.

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