Streets Closed Sunday and Monday

If you can stay home Sunday and Monday, it would be a good idea.

There will be numerous street closures near our community, for a few different reasons.  Here’s what we know about at this point:

On Sunday morning and early afternoon, Fairfax Avenue will be closed south of Olympic Boulevard, while Olympic Boulevard will be closed from Fairfax all the way to downtown.  The closures are due to the L.A. Triathlon.  Here is info from the City:

The cycle and run portion of the triathlon will be managed in three sectors, closing and opening in waves as the competitors move from Venice to downtown.

  • Sector 1 – Venice Beach, Venice Blvd. to Fairfax/Wilshire (approx.. 6:50 AM to 11:15 AM)
  • Sector 2 – Fairfax/Wilshire to Olympic/Cherry (approx.. 7:10 AM to 12:15 PM)
  • Sector 3 – Olympic/Cherry to 1st/Hope Ave. (approx.. 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM)

And here is a map of the Triathlon route:

For more information, visit the city’s transportation web site.

Also on Sunday, Wilshire Boulevard will be closed from Crescent Heights over to Ogden Drive (two blocks east of Fairfax Avenue).  That means that the busy intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax will be blocked off.  A production company will be filming a public service announcement on the dangers of texting while driving, and will simulate a crash scene at the intersection of Fairfax and Wilshire.

And here comes the kicker:  The next day, Monday, President Obama will be in town.  He will be holding a fundraiser on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and then another fundraiser on Melrose Place in Los Angeles just over the West Hollywood border.

According to City Council member Paul Koretz‘s office:

While City agencies and the County Sheriff’s Department are working with security for the White House to minimize traffic disruptions, TRAFFIC MAY BE SEVERLY AFFECTED.  PLEASE AVOID THE AREA IF POSSIBLE.  We don’t have a lot of exact traffic information.  We understand from news accounts that the President will be at two events on Monday, September 26 — the House of Blues in late afternoon (with Sunset Boulevard particularly affected around 5:00 pm) and later that evening at the Fig and Olive restaurant near La Cienega and Melrose Place.  The President then will travel through Beverly Hills and West LA Tuesday morning, September 27, before heading out from Los Angeles.

We have been informed that La Cienega will be closed entirely from roughly 7:15 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Monday evening, and that streets otherwise will be closed on a rolling basis as necessary to ensure safe travel for the President.  Again, while we do not have precise traffic information, officials have warned that west side traffic in the area may be severely affected.  If at all possible, we urge you to avoid the area entirely.

We love the understatement of the remark, “Traffic may be severely affected.”  Well, you think so?

Our advice:  Stay home Sunday with a good book or a good movie.  On Monday, go to work, but don’t attempt to drive anywhere else.  And certainly stay as far away from West Hollywood as possible.

And because our neighborhood is a designated “Walker’s Paradise” (by, you can always get around by foot.  Why not visit one of our superb local restaurants?

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