More on Obama visit

This afternoon we posted about the effect on traffic of the L.A. Marathon and other activities on Sunday and President Obama’s visit on Monday afternoon and evening.  We’ve just learned that the City of West Hollywood is closing some of their facilities part or all of the the day on Monday due to the presidential visit.  Among other things, they are probably allowing their employees to get home before streets start closing.  See the News report on the West Hollywood website for more details on their plans.  Note that this even affects Plummer Park, which some in Melrose Village use.

And below is a map showing the locations where the President is expected to be on Monday afternoon and evening.  Using the map, you can see how close these events are to Melrose Village, so traffic west of Fairfax can easily be impacted.  Note that the details of how the President will travel and where he will be immediately before and after the events is not being announced to the public for security reasons.

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One Response to More on Obama visit

  1. Marty says:

    If it is anything like previous times, I hope everyone heed your advice.

    Previous visits:
    August 2010,
    October 2010,
    April 2011,

    I remember when the former president visited LA (reference may be this one if date is correct: I had no idea he was in town and was driving around and saw all these weird motorcycles at a restaurant. They couldn’t be a motorcycle gang because it all seemed official. Then, late at night, I hear all these sirens and went outside to see a motorcade speeding on Melrose, with those same motorcycles closing intersections, and as the motorcade past one intersection the guys where he just past will zoom even faster to go further down, so at all times the intersections were closed. I barely saw a glimpse of the presidential car because of how quick they were driving.

    Why is this president different? What is the point of all these closings, especially in an area that is already busy during the time frame? For “security reasons,” the best thing is for him to stay home.

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