New Trader Joe’s Rising Fast

As we have previously reported, a new Trader Joe’s is being built at the northwest corner of Fairfax Avenue and Third Street (across from the Farmers Market).

As we have also reported, posts about Trader Joe’s are always among the most popular stories on the Melrose Village Blog.

So we thought we would pass along these photos of the new complex under construction.  The photos were taken by one of our correspondents, who likes to take long walks from Melrose Village down to the Farmers Market, the Grove, and LACMA.  (So, people actually do walk in L.A.!)

As you can see, the building is going up fast.  According to our previous reporting, principal construction should be completed by March.

This Trader Joe’s store is part of a new complex called Gilmore Station, which will also feature a restaurant, a frozen yogurt shop, a couple of small stores, and 111 spaces of surface parking.  The complex is owned by the A.F. Gilmore Company, which also owns the Farmers Market.  See this Curbed Los Angeles post for more information about the complex.

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