Florist shop closed at La Brea and Melrose

The florist on the northwest corner of La Brea Ave. and Melrose Ave. is closed.  There’s been a florist at that corner, under one name or another, for as long as we can remember.  All of the signs for the business have been removed and there’s a chain-link fence around the entire property.

It’s not clear if the fence is just to close it off for now or if they are going to do construction there.  There are no signs indicating what might happen — no For Lease signs or any indication of what’s up.

Does anyone know what’s going on?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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3 Responses to Florist shop closed at La Brea and Melrose

  1. david says:

    its my understanding that the pink family owns that property…check with them….

  2. I was born in LA and remember it being “Conroy” florist mostly. Now that it’s not there anymore, it’s going to be weird. Maybe “Pinks” will expand and grab that space. Years ago, across the street right next to the gas station, there was a “pup and taco” fast food restaurant. I was like 8 or 9 at that time. There was also a 50’s style drive-in restaurant on sunset and la brea where they had waitresses in roller skates bring the food to your car. Final LA old school memory, there used to be a movie theatre at Pan Pacific called Pan Pacific Theatre. I am pretty sure “Jaws” played there.

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