Beware the “Bottle Walkers”

We received this timely announcement from Elizabeth Reynolds, a local resident who serves on the board of Mid City West Community Council:

At a recent Melrose Action meeting, the issue of bottle collectors and transients trespassing in our backyards was brought up again to our LAPD Senior Lead Officer Art Gallegos.

Officer Gallegos understands the seriousness of this problem and asks residents, “Please do not encourage these individuals to collect plastic and glass bottles from trash bins located in the back of your buildings and backyards.”

You are not lacking in compassion to stop this illegal act of dumpster diving.  Yes, times are hard for everyone, but encouraging this behavior, or even just ignoring it, suggests that we do not have a neighborhood watch to the “bottle walkers” in question.

All recyclables that are put in the blue bins become the City’s property.  Removing these recyclables is against the law.  Further, bottle collectors who enter private property to rummage through bins are trespassing, which is also against the law.

Allowing this illegal activity just encourages many other transients to come into our neighborhood to do the same thing.

The LAPD definitely wants to be called in the event someone is trespassing in the back of our buildings for any reason.  Many of the individuals doing so are often scouting out homes and businesses for the purpose of burglarizing them. 

Again, if you are witness to dumpster diving or anyone entering onto the premises that does not belong there, tell them to leave immediately.

For more information, contact Officer Gallegos at 213-793-0708.

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3 Responses to Beware the “Bottle Walkers”

  1. I whole heartedly agree. It’s our choice and it’s a difficult one but we need to put ourselves first on this one. Letting people less fortunate dig through our trash helps them and that is a good thing. But undoubtedly there is an element of crime and uncertainty that comes with scavengers and transients roaming our neighborhood. These people can earn money by other means that don’t involve bringing a dangerous element to our community.

  2. Marty says:

    They are wasting their time going through my trash as $ recyclable are donated, but I still take it out only on collection days, Thursdays (except for weeks with holidays, see at 6:30a, because they can create a mess and also in case private information is mixed up with the trash.

    If the City wants to enforce these rules it is as easy as driving through the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning. I see them ALL the time, even when I just drive a few blocks during this time period.


    In an unrelated item, I came across this link re these crazy stickers and “art” we see in our neighborhood: . It gives a picture on who these guys are–one guy plastered on a Sunday afternoon a few steps from Melrose and he couldn’t care less. When reporting it, I specifically ask to have it pained over instead of peeling them off slowly which takes forever; still, the graffiti guy took about 90 minutes to paint over this 2″ x 2″.

  3. Marty says:

    * I mean the cleaning guy took about 90 minutes (maybe 85) to paint over what the vandal did in a few seconds. It would have taken me a maximum of 10 minutes to get the right color and < 5 minutes to paint it over. Not sure who is watching the cleanups, or how efficient they are, but whatever the case the job gets done.

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