Just Opened on Melrose – NEVEUX Artisan Creamery & Espresso Bar

NEVEUX Artisan Creamery & Espresso Bar recently opened at 7407 1/2 Melrose Avenue, just west of Martel.  According to owner Leo Neveux:

We offer a new generation of organic sweet & savory gourmet ice cream with over 20 flavors including Salted Caramel, Strawberry Balsamic, Honey Lavender, Rosemary Butterscotch, Rhubarb Mint, Coconut Curry Lemongrass, Roasted Banana & Chocolate Grapefruit.  Select flavors are also available as bars dipped in either dark or milk chocolate.  Complimenting the ice cream, we offer coffee drinks – espresso, cappuccino, latté, macchiato, etc. and delectable baked goods created by local artisans.

They must be doing something right, because neighbor and regular Melrose Village Blog reader Amanda praises the place highly.  She writes:

I’ve been a few times already and it is great.  The affogato with creme fraiche ice cream is divine, as are the exotic flavor selections including, coconut curry lemongrass, espresso caramel, salty caramel and strawberry balsamic just to name a few.  Leo also makes ice cream bars in a few flavors which are a great option as well, especially on the go.  Most of all I think it is something that the neighborhood desperately needs!  Leo mentioned to me that he is open early and hopes to build up his coffee business.  He is also planning to expand his flavor offerings and to offer other ice-cream based sweet treats in time.  I tried one of his scones (which are not made in house FYI) and they were delicious as well.

Amanda, you are right – this is just the type of place our neighborhood needs.

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5 Responses to Just Opened on Melrose – NEVEUX Artisan Creamery & Espresso Bar

  1. Sam says:

    This place is great. Delicious ice cream and incredibly nice people working there. Wish them lots of luck.

  2. Jim Hooker says:

    My favorite so far is ginger vanilla. Took a pint to bed with me and a good book. Nothing could be finer…..Jim

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  5. Peter Bauman says:

    Been here before for some good ice cream and coffee. Went here again with my wife and her sister. Was about to buy about $20 plus worth of coffee and ice cream, but wanted to use restroom first. Came out of restroom and told to F off by server. Server proceeded to tell another customer to f off. Great service… Will never go here again.

    Peter Bauman

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