Breakfast Breakfast Everywhere

The current issue of Los Angeles Magazine has a cover story about breakfast in L.A., with features on favorite spots for the morning meal.  Of course, our neighborhood gets numerous mentions.

Of the “20 Eye-Opening Breakfasts in L.A.,” several are in Melrose Village or are very close by.  They include:

  • Salt’s Cure on Santa Monica Boulevard
  • Playa on Beverly Boulevard
  • Grub on Seward Street near Willoughby Avenue
  • BLD on Beverly Boulevard
  • Jar on Beverly Boulevard

Other local restaurants cited are M Cafe on Melrose Avenue (where apparently Jake Gyllenhall likes to order the breakfast enchilada), Hatfield’s on Melrose Avenue (because chef Quinn Hatfield loves waffles), and Shaky Alibi on Beverly Boulevard (which serves great waffles).

Between Beverly and Melrose, we have got breakfast covered and smothered.

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One Response to Breakfast Breakfast Everywhere

  1. SM says:

    No Blu Jam? Suppose the wait is already long enough and we shouldn’t mind it doesn’t get more attention

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