Back to school

Daytimes have been quiet here in Melrose Village the last week or so.   This is about to change as our public schools start their fall session.  Of course this is happening all over the L.A. area, so, when you’re driving, that’s one reason traffic is going to be heavier.  In any case, watch out for the students who will be out and about, especially going to and from school.  Both Melrose Elementary and Fairfax High School start classes on Wednesday.

There are also opportunities for those of us who are not school age to go back to school, though not starting Wednesday.  One of these is a series of Green Living Workshops being presented by the organization Sustainable Works.  This is a series of six weekly classes on various issues related to sustainability and the environment in each of these areas:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Chemicals
  • Transportation
  • Shopping & Food

One of the locations for these classes is our own Fairfax High School, and that series will be Tuesday evenings starting on October 18th.  The workshop is free to residents of L.A. City Council Districts 5 (that’s us) and 11.  Click here to register.

Stretching things a bit more about going back to school, earlier this week we mentioned the upcoming live show at the Greenway Court Theater — on the edge of the Fairfax High School campus — starting later this month.  We found this promotional video for the “I Love Lucy” Live on Stage show, so, in closing this post, we thought we’d share it with you:

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