Melrose Village coffee shop recommended in New York Times

Melrose Village is often recognized — if not by name — all across the country (and the world?).  One of our correspondents noticed a column in the New York Times last week  that talked about coffee places in the L.A. area:  “Ristretto | Los Angeles Coffee Crawl.”

The article included the Coffee Commissary on Fairfax Ave.  The one photo at the head of the column is of the Coffee Commissary, and about the shop they say:

Serious coffee, with style to spare.  Order a frothy latte and sit outside, or stand at the counter and down a shot of single-origin espresso pulled on a Strada.  Beans are from Portland’s Coava Coffee Roasters, San Francisco’s Sightglass Coffee Roasters and Seattle’s Victrola Coffee Roasters.

They also mention Lindy & Grundy, which is in the same building, and which they call “the butcher shop that has everybody talking.”  So that’s another Melrose Village shop mentioned in the New York Times.

The Coffee Commissary is at 801 Fairfax Ave., just north of Waring Ave.

So if you’re a coffee aficionado, here’s a nationally-famous place right here in Melrose Village that’s not just another coffee chain.

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