Governor signs medical marijuana regulation law

We’ve been concerned about the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries, specifically here in Melrose Village.  Along Melrose Ave., there are single blocks with several dispensaries.  Even with a legitimate need for medical marijuana, we don’t need to have this many dispensaries along one street.  And some are closer to schools than we think appropriate.

After several years of foot dragging, the Los Angeles City Council finally passed regulations regarding the location and density of medical Marijuana dispensaries.  But those regulations have been challenged multiple times by groups of dispensaries, including a challenge by some pot shops on whether the City can regulate them at all.

Yesterday, Governor Brown signed AB 1300, which explicitly gives Los Angeles and other cities clear authority to restrict their location and operation.  The state legislature also passed and sent to the governor another bill, SB 847, which would prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries from locating within 600 feet of homes.  We have not seen yet whether the governor has signed that bill.

Unfortunately, even if both bills are law, it will take a long time before L.A. can move to reduce the overabundance of dispensaries in our area, but this is one more step towards this.

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