Live shows in Melrose Village

While most people don’t think of Melrose Village as a “theater district,” there are quite a few places here where there are performances that you can see live.

For improv and sketch comedy there’s the Groundlings on Melrose Ave. near Poinsettia Place, and ACME Comedy on the west side of La Brea Ave., a half block south of Beverly Blvd.

There are ongoing plays at the Zephyr Theater, on Melrose Ave. between Vista St. and Gardner St.  Not only is the play Stones in his Pockets going on there through September 17th, but they also have other shows there on nights when that play isn’t on.  One of those is “Taboo Tales” which is on this evening, a “storytelling show that will make you uncomfortable.”

The Matrix Theatre, on Melrose Ave. near Stanley Ave., doesn’t seem to have a show running right now, though they recently had a show with Annie Potts.

And, finally, how about dinner and a show?  Genghis Cohen restaurant, just north of Melrose Ave. on the east side of Fairfax Ave., not only has great food (in our not-so-humble opinion), but also has a performance space.  Most of the shows there are music, but sometimes they have spoken word performances.

We’ve seen performances at all of these locations and always enjoyed it.  So you can  stay right here in Melrose Village and see a show.

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