Increased DUI Enforcement through Labor Day

You may have read that law enforcement agencies – Los Angeles Police Dept., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept, California Highway Patrol, and others – have stepped up enforcement regarding DUI – Driving Under the Influence.  This Melrose Village blog entry is not just a warning, though.  We’re also really wanting everyone to drive safely, so after partying, it may not be appropriate to drive, depending on what that partying involves.

This enforcement is not just about DUI checkpoints, which have been more frequent during this period.  There are also motorcycle officers out on the streets looking out for drivers who might be showing signs of impairment.  This might be not coming to a stop at a Stop sign, weaving between lanes or other possible clues.  We’ve seen the L.A.P.D. in action in this way on at least two occasions in the last week right here in Melrose Village.  Depending on what brought the driver to the attention of the officer and what happens after the stop, there may be no citation at all, but if the officer determines that you may be DUI, they will take the appropriate action.

We want to encourage you to drive safely in any case.  Come to a complete stop at a Stop sign.  Yield to pedestrians crossing at intersections.  (There are a lot of pedestrians in Melrose Village.)  Follow all the other safety rules so that we are all safe.  Right now there appears to be more enforcement than usual, so the odds of being stopped are higher.  We’ve seen it ourselves.

But any time, help all of us — Don’t Drink and Drive.

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