LADWP Solar Incentive Program returns next week

Even as the days are getting shorter, it looks like summer weather may finally be here.  At least there is more full sunlight each day than we’ve had the last few weeks.

The timing may be good, then, for the return of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Solar Incentive Program.  The money for this program ran out earlier this year, but, starting September 1st (that’s next week), there’s new money in the system for this program.

Some Melrose Village homeowners already have solar electric panels on their homes, and at least one that we know of was able to reduce the cost of the panels through the LADWP program.  (The others probably did. too.)


(There are usually 18 to 20 panels on a typical home installation.)

So if you have been considering adding solar electric panels to your home, check out the latest information from LADWP.

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One Response to LADWP Solar Incentive Program returns next week

  1. Marty says:

    For those interested, a couple of companies provide pricing (historical/current/estimate):

    PV prices have gone down tremendously over the last few years, and considering it accounts for 50-60% of the overall cost (per Solarbuzz), when coupled with incentives it may make more economic sense.

    No wonder Google had invested in SolarCity ($280-Million-Fund-for-Residential-Solar-Projects–Nation%E2%80%99s-Largest-to-Date.aspx). Solar makes more and more sense from an economic standpoint.

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