8oz. Burger Bar Closed for Good, but Sandwiches Arrive

We noticed a few months ago that 8oz. Burger Bar was shuttered.  We heard rumors that it was being renovated, but also noticed a “For Lease” sign out front.

The current issue of LA Weekly has the skinny in an interview with chef Govind Armstrong.  Here’s what he says when asked why the seemingly-popular restaurant closed:

Very unfortunately, we were forced to close 8oz. on Melrose about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago now. There were a number of reasons for that, which ultimately came down to inoperable issues with the lease that we signed almost 9 years ago. We had great success in that location with the original Table 8 and then with 8oz.; we had a successful business and the community really loved it. I loved it. We tried renegotiating, but it was just one thing after the next. It became really frustrating, but it just wasn’t going to work out any longer in that space. It was tough – but we are moving on.

Too bad – they had very good burgers.

In better news, for those of us who are willing to travel about a mile west to get a great sandwich, there is a new option.  Celeb chef Michael Voltaggio has opened a casual sandwich shop called Ink Sack at 8360 Melrose (near Kings Road, and right next to Sweet Lady Jane).  He is still working on setting up his fancier molecular gastronomy focused eatery, Ink, a few doors away.

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