Changes at Gateway Complex

One of our correspondents took these photos a few days ago at the West Hollywood Gateway complex (at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue).

The space formerly occupied by Zeke’s Smokehouse is getting a makeover, presumably so that a new restaurant can go in.  Zeke’s was a much-loved barbecue joint that went out of business about a year ago.  Fortunately, barbecue lovers in the area quickly found a good alternative one mile due west, at Baby Blues BBQ on Santa Monica Boulevard near Fairfax.

There is no word from the blogosphere about what restaurant is going in to this space.  If anyone has inside knowledge, add a Comment below.

Also, the Auto Club storefront has closed.  It moved about two miles west, into the Hancock Lofts complex on Santa Monica Boulevard at Hancock Avenue.  But of course, the DMV Vehicle Registration location is still around the corner from the Gateway, on Formosa Avenue.

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One Response to Changes at Gateway Complex

  1. david says:

    are you not able to handle dmv registration @ AAA ?

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