Melrose Village One of the Most Walkable Neighborhoods in U.S.

A new ranking from Walk Score has found that the City of West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California, and the fourth most walkable city in the entire country.  Because our Melrose Village neighborhood (which is in the City of Los Angeles) is adjacent to West Hollywood, and shares many of its characteristics, that means that our neighborhood is one of the most walkable in the U.S.

West Hollywood gets an overall Walk Score of 89.4.  Locations in Melrose Village score similarly.  To find the exact score for your block, look here.  Many blocks in our community get scores of 90 or above, making them a “Walker’s Paradise.”

Interestingly enough, five other cities in the Los Angeles metro area also rank in the Top 30 most walkable cities in the nation, out of 2,500 municipalities.  Santa Monica is the 12th most walkable city, Culver City ranks 20th, Hermosa Beach is 23rd, Beverly Hills is 27th, and Redondo Beach comes in 29th.

That’s a better showing than for Northern California, where only San Francisco, Berkeley, and the small Bay Area town of Albany make it into the Top 30.

According to Walk Score, “Walkable neighborhoods offer surprising benefits to the environment, our health, our finances, and our communities.”  Additionally, “in 13 out of 15 metro areas, higher Walk Scores are directly linked to higher home values.  Homes with above-average Walk Scores are worth between $4,000 – $34,000 more than similar but less walkable homes.”

So, for those “car slave” people who are so environmentally-hostile and stuck-in-the-past that they keep repeating “Nobody Walks in L.A.,” here is the ultimate proof that you are completely behind the times.  It’s not 1982 any more.  Get out of your car already – and put your walking shoes on.

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3 Responses to Melrose Village One of the Most Walkable Neighborhoods in U.S.

  1. Great info for we Realtors (and for you someday Sellers)! Thanks for always giving such great info.

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