More Foodies on Fairfax

The Los Angeles Times has given an early thumbs-up to Rosewood Tavern, the new steakhouse on Fairfax Avenue just a block south of the high school.

We especially liked that the reviewer opened the article by saying:

For all its storied history — the Farmers Market, Canter’s Deli — Fairfax Avenue’s finest foodie days may be yet to come. In the wake of Animal’s 2008 opening, the neighborhood has gained gourmet coffee (Coffee Commissary), eco-conscious butchers (Lindy & Grundy), a top-shelf burger (The Golden State), a reasonably priced brunch spot (Black Cat Bakery) and now perhaps its biggest surprise yet: a laid-back steakhouse with 28 craft beers on tap.

Foodies love Fairfax, and Fairfax loves foodies.  Agreed!

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  1. Great information thanks for sharing.

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