How to Stop Your Home from Getting Robbed

We received this valuable e-mail from a neighborhood resident:

Hello Neighbors,

To keep you updated, there was a burglary at 6 pm last week on N. Spaulding—actually, it was my house. Fortunately, we caught one of the burglars. Because he is a juvenile, he was released to his parents. You may want to keep an eye out in case he returns. He is an African American 15 year old male, short and thin. He has a pronounced jaw and two earrings in his left ear. It is suspected that he was with a second burglar who has not been identified.

Many thanks to our Sr. Lead Officer Gallegos for his immediate response, bravery, and success. He and his team did an incredible job. The neighbors were also incredibly helpful and essential to catching the burglar red-handed.

Some lessons I learned to share:

· Neighbors who are vigilant for each other are the best way to keep crime away. If anything is out of the ordinary, call the police.

· Keep ladders and trashcans locked up so they cannot be used to climb fences, windows, etc.

· Keep the front and sides of your house visible from the street.

Stay well.

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