Updated – Man Selling Puppies on Melrose Avenue

We received this disturbing report yesterday from a neighbor:

Los Angeles Friends, keep an eye out for a man selling puppies on the streets of Melrose Ave near Alta Vista.  If you see him please let [people] know and take a picture.  He has been stealing, selling, and abusing dogs for years and no one can seem to catch him or stop him….  We called the cops, they came and said he was allowed to sell these puppies.  They said they checked his record.  They were wrong.  It is illegal to sell puppies without a permit and we just found out from [City of Los Angeles] Animal Control that he has a record going back six years of animal abuse and stealing dogs.  They just let him go with this sweet little puppy even though a lady told them he tried to sell the puppy to her and the puppy had a collar and tags on in the morning..sigh…so if you see him please take a pic.  He is a large African American man named Bernard and was wearing an army jacket….

If you know anything about this, contact the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.  You can also contact Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz’s office and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

UPDATE WITH GOOD NEWS:  The LAPD looked into this situation, and found that the man had two outstanding arrest warrants.  They arrested the man, and took him to jail.  Great work by our community members watching out for our neighborhood, and by the LAPD!

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3 Responses to Updated – Man Selling Puppies on Melrose Avenue

  1. joan fitzpatrick says:

    The Dept of Animal Services will not do anything to help a beautiful, harmless Pit Bull that is in a very small space between tires and garbage bins at Platinum Car Service on the corner of Melrose and Fuller. They said it’s fine to confine a dog for life with two walks a day, as long as you give it water and food! The dog used to bark – but no longer does —— I wonder what was done to him? They refuse to give him up to a nice, loving home. They also have a dog confined in a small space at the shop on Sunset and Curson. Probably a Pit Bull (since they love them so much).

    And what do you expect the City to do with the man selling puppies on Melrose?

  2. O'Shea says:

    He is always going up and down Melrose. He is usually selling rabbits too. This guy is horrible. Next time I see him I will def. take a picture.

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