Poinsettia Park Facelift Starts Soon

Lots of good news came out of last night’s Park Advisory Board meeting for Poinsettia Recreation Center.

Mike Shull, one of the top administrators of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, gave a presentation about the improvements coming soon:

  • Construction will start this summer on the new 800 square foot Community Room that will be added onto the gymnasium building.  This Community Room will be available for use by local organizations.
  • New playground equipment will be installed in the existing playground area this summer, along with a new playground surface (replacing the sand).

  • The outdoor basketball courts will be completely re-paved this summer, and new hoops will be installed.
  • One dozen new benches, and several sturdy new trash receptacles, will be added throughout the park.
  • The two baseball fields will be re-done soon, possibly starting in July.  Also, new bleachers will be installed next to the fields.
  • Once the ball fields are re-done, a new outdoor walking/jogging path will be added along the perimeter of the fields.  The path will be 6 feet wide, and will be made of long-lasting “Mondo” turf.  Ten pieces of outdoor exercise equipment will be placed along the path.  This type of outdoor exercise equipment has proven to be very popular in other parks.

More improvements will come later this year, as well as next year.

So, get ready for construction!  There will be lots going on inside the park, and some areas will be inaccessible for a while.  But once everything is done, Poinsettia Recreation Center will look absolutely beautiful.

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5 Responses to Poinsettia Park Facelift Starts Soon

  1. Hey! Terrific new improvements to our park. AND don’t forget – Beginning Belly Dance, Tap Dance and Flamenco Dance classes continue every Monday and Thursday evening. $25.00 per month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twelve years and up. Call Carolyn at
    (213) 382-6928. See ya, and keep on dancin”!.

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