Hear about Park Upgrades on Thursday

One of our local parks, the Poinsettia Recreation Center, is about to get a big facelift.  Long-scheduled improvements to the park will begin this summer.

To hear all about it, come to the Park Advisory Board meeting tomorrow (Thursday, May 26, 2011), at 7:00 pm, in the small meeting room next to the gym.  We will get a presentation from Mike Shull, one of the top administrators of the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks.  There will also be time for questions from community members.

The first planned upgrades include a new Community Room attached to the gymnasium building, a new gym floor, and new handicapped-accessible exterior bathrooms.  A second set of improvements will include a new jogging path around the baseball fields, new outdoor exercise equipment placed along the path, new bleachers for the fields, new equipment in the children’s playground, re-surfacing of the existing concrete and asphalt pathways, refurbishing of the outdoor basketball courts, and new outdoor lighting.

Even more upgrades will come after that, as money already allocated for the park becomes available through long-term Prop K funds and “Quimby” funds.

When it’s all done, Poinsettia Recreation Center will look and feel better than it has in several decades.

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