Fastest Way to Get Graffiti Removed

Despite what elitist suburban nitwits claim (such as the curators of the Museum of Contemporary Art), most people in Los Angeles can’t stand graffiti, and want to see it removed as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the city-funded vendor that removes graffiti in our area, Pacific Graffiti Solutions, does an excellent job.  If you report graffiti to them, the tagging is usually painted over within 24 hours.

The fastest way to report graffiti is to e-mail Pacific Graffiti Solutions directly at:

You can also call 311 (the L.A. City information line) and give the operator information about where the graffiti is located.  Or you can use this online form to report it:

Whichever method you use, give as many details as possible about where the graffiti is located, and what it looks like.

Pacific Graffiti Solutions will take photos of the graffiti before removing it, in case the police can use the information as part of a criminal investigation.

Don’t wait for someone else to clean up your neighborhood.  Report graffiti as soon as you see it.  It’s easy, it’s fast, and it will make your neighborhood look a whole lot better.  And if the graffiti is removed quickly, the taggers will be less likely to return to your area – because they would rather go tag a place where their graffiti will remain up for weeks or months.

Now, if we could only get the elitist suburban nitwits removed from Los Angeles that easily….

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