Hasta La Vista Tattoo Parlor

The Melrose Village Blog supports our neighborhood businesses, and frequently encourages residents to patronize local merchants.  However, there are a few businesses that are bad neighbors – and when they shut down, we shed no tears for them.

So we are happy to announce that the tattoo parlor 264 Customs appears to have closed down for good.  This tattoo parlor, at 7303 Melrose Avenue (next to Melrose Music & Comics), was always a bad neighbor and a troublesome storefront.  So, hasta la vista, 264 Customs!

We hope that something much better takes its place.  Melrose Village really does not need any more tattoo parlors, “medical” marijuana dispensaries, head shops, or teenager-focused clothing stores.  But we do need more cafes, fine restaurants, gourmet shops, art galleries, and unique stores.

Are there any local businesses that you would like to nominate for “Bad Neighbor of the Month?”  Add your comments below.

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4 Responses to Hasta La Vista Tattoo Parlor

  1. Bad neighbor hall of shame: Oki Dog (healthy hazard and probable front for heroin sales), Platinum Motor Sports (cocky rick kids peeling out on our streets after getting their luxury sports cars hyper-tuned), the “half-way house” on the corner of Melrose and Alta Vista (they need to have a common area/recreation room for the occupants because they seem to wander all over the neighborhood), any business that promotes graffiti, stickers, or drug use.

    Best neighbor: California Chicken Cafe! Great food, people, and value to the hood!

  2. Marty says:

    My #1 vote goes to Suru @ 7662 Melrose (b/w Spaulding and Curson).

    They condone graffiti and have parties in the back, blocking the alley and taking over neighborhood parking. During their parties they have hundrads of people in the parking lot, with refrigerated trucks and bathrooms, and last way longer than permitted, requiring multiple calls (if it helps at all) to get them to at least stop the music.

    I stopped counting how many times neighbors asked me if there is something they can do. I am like, yeh, “maybe start showing up to neighborhood meetings?”

    • You could also contact our LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Art Gallegos, to discuss the problems with this store. His contact information is listed on this blog under the “Important Resources” tab. Officer Gallegos would probably be happy to come over to your block for a block meeting, if you arranged a time and place.

  3. Mike says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people.
    What’s up with making Melrose all white washed. First of all there is nothing wrong with a tattoo shop and the stores that are currently there must be there for a reason, to make money. If someone was going to open up a business, they would have to make sure the location/ audience fits their products or services. If not, then there’s a higher chance of the business failing. So when you see “tattoo parlors, ‘medical’ marijuana dispensaries, head shops, or teenager-focused clothing stores” it’s for a reason because the people of Melrose buy it! If they didn’t then those stores would not still be there and in that magnitude. It’s not a dilemma of types of business in this area, its an issue of consumer demands in this area and this generation of people. Don’t blame the stores for trying to make business, look at you community.

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