Want to Be on HGTV?

We just received this announcement about a new HGTV program:



THINK you’ve got what it takes to be the GENERAL CONTRACTOR on your OWN RENOVATION? Think you can do it CHEAPER than the PROS? HGTV’S hit new renovation show PROFESSIONAL GRADE is searching for savvy homeowners. Put your SKILLS to the test for a chance to win BIG CASH!

Homeowners If You Are…

• Planning on Renovating a Space in Your Home

• Handy and Have the Know-How to Pull of a Renovation Project

• Able to Complete Your Renovation in 4-5 Weeks On Your own Budget

• Ready to be your own GC by finding the best possible prices on everything from materials to appliances

• And Willing to do the Bulk of the Work, but sub-contract labor when necessary

For an Application go to:


Auditions begin NOW. No PHONE CALLS PLEASE! All email inquiries will be considered and answered with an email or phone response. Homeowners must have an appropriate budget already set aside for renovation.

From High Noon Entertainment

The e-mail that came with the announcement added this:

HGTV’s “Professional Grade” is searching for savvy homeowners who are gearing up for a renovation and have great personality. Would love to get someone from Mid City West Community. From your neighborhood website, It seems like great neighborhood with great people.

The show is about Do it Yourself homeowners who think they can do a better job and a cheaper job than a contractor. It’s a throwdown! Homeowners are challenged by professionals for a chance to win BIG CASH! The goal for homeowners is to source high–end materials on the cheap, take on the bulk of the labor themselves and manage their subcontractors to get the best quality work at below market prices. When the renovation is done, our experts contractors price out the job based on the quality. If their estimate is higher than what our homeowners spent, the homeowners pocket the cash difference. Our BIGGEST winner took home $40,000.

Auditions are happening NOW. This is a great opportunity for someone who is currently planning a renovation…Why not win some CASH while doing it. For an applications homeowners should go directly email GeneralContractor@highnoontv.com. You can also check out our show at: http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv-professional-grade/videos/index.html. All Applications will be considered and responded to via email or phone call.

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