Read “Tagging MOCA”

The Los Angeles Times published an excellent op-ed piece today titled “Tagging MOCA,” about the current exhibit glamorizing graffiti at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown L.A.  The op-ed piece was written by Heather MacDonald, and is subtitled: “‘Art in the Streets’ has earned the museum accolades from the art world.  But in glorifying graffiti, it celebrates a crime that destroys the city’s vitality.”

You can read the op-ed piece here.

Bravo to the author.  This is the best commentary about graffiti we have ever read.  Heather MacDonald really nailed it.  The promoters of graffiti are hypocritical, elitist, moral pygmies, who like to be amused by seeing other people’s homes and neighborhoods destroyed, as they drive by on their way back to their suburban gated compounds and gated communities.  If MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch and trustee Eli Broad really think that graffiti is such a great art form, then they should have it tagged all over their own houses and their own neighborhoods.  And you will notice they have not done that.  Instead, they take delight in seeing the homes and neighborhoods of middle-class and working-class people tagged, defaced, and vandalized.  It’s the Marie Antoinette approach to art.  And it is the last thing that Los Angeles needs today.

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