Got Potholes? Call 311.

The Melrose Village blog is back after a brief hiatus.  And we have been hearing a lot lately – about potholes.  A very rainy winter means that there are plenty of potholes around.  Meanwhile, the number of street services workers in Los Angeles has been reduced due to the city’s budget crisis.  That means it’s taking longer to get potholes filled.

It is important to report any potholes in your area as soon as possible.  Potholes are being filled in the order in which the requests are received, so if you put off reporting a pothole, it will just take longer to get fixed.  (And don’t assume that one of your neighbors has already reported it, because that might not be the case.)

Simply call 311, the city’s operator assistance line, to report potholes.  You can use this same number to report graffiti and burned-out street lights, to schedule a bulky item trash pick-up, or to access other city services.  The 311 line is available every day of the week, between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

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4 Responses to Got Potholes? Call 311.

  1. joan fitzpatrick says:

    Does the 311 number work for the bumpy/hilly sidewalks on Waring, Willoughby, Curson, Stanley, Sierra Bonita etc et??? Very dangerous!

    I will try it! Wish we were in West Hollywood — it would get fixed immediately.

    • Due to the budget crisis in the City of Los Angeles, they are no longer fixing sidewalks. You could try reporting it to 311, but don’t expect anything to happen soon. As far as comparisons go with the City of West Hollywood – that is a richer and better-run city than Los Angeles, so they are able to provide more services there.

  2. marty says:

    To report online,
    For potholes, I have used
    For graffiti, I have used

    It has been months and so far they haven’t fixed the potholes in the alleys. They have fixed part of one alley and I happened to see it and asked whether they will fix all the alleys and they said “oh there are like 80 alley calls ahead of you, plus more than 300 on the street, with street being a priority but we are doing a little of the alley because we were given the wrong mix–street and alley uses different mixes–and have to finish it off.” Bottom line is they will fix the street faster than alley and you can fill the alley potholes with sand etc if it bothers you because it will be a long time before they get done.

    Graffiti is another story. They usually get it done within 24 hours, but the problem is education. I believe most residents and store owners do not know that the service is available and, more importantly, free (comes out of our pockets indirectly though).

    If you see graffiti, tell the resident/store owner about 311 and the website, and offer to report it this time as a courtesy, but he should be aware that it is free and it is best to report it ASAP.

  3. Marcus says:

    At what point does someone need to SUE the city of Los Angeles if they get hurt because of poorly maintained sidewalks?! We pay taxes meant to maintain the sidewalks so that people don’t trip over broken concrete in the dark. Such a joke.

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