Neighborhood Keeps Getting Safer

The latest city-wide data show that crime continues to drop, with an 11.4% reduction over last year.  Los Angeles is now the safest it has been in a half-century.

Our neighborhood is also getting safer, thanks to the great work of the LAPD and the dedicated volunteers of Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch.

The crime map for last week just came out – and it shows that there were only four crimes in the entire “7A1 area,” which runs from La Brea Avenue all the way over to La Cienega, and from Beverly Boulevard in the south up to the West Hollywood city border in the north.  This area has more than 15,000 residents, thousands of people who work at hundreds of neighborhood businesses, and tens of thousands of customers for those businesses.  Yet, we had only four crimes in an entire week.  That is very impressive!

Our thanks go to Officer Art Gallegos, and the other fine officers of the LAPD.

If you would like to get public safety updates from Officer Gallegos, sign up for his LAPD e-policing e-mails.

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One Response to Neighborhood Keeps Getting Safer

  1. Thank you Officer G, LAPD, and Melrose Action Volunteers!

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