Vivienne Westwood Store Opens on Melrose near Sweetzer

Happy news – famed British designer Vivienne Westwood has opened her flagship U.S. clothing store on Melrose Avenue at Sweetzer, about a mile west of our neighborhood.  The shop officially opened yesterday.

The store released this statement:

The 10,000 square foot space, located on Melrose Avenue, offers all of the Westwood labels as well as jewellery and accessories.  “We are thrilled to finally open our new shop in Los Angeles. We have fond memories of our time there and especially love the influence of Old Hollywood. Vivienne’s designs speak to this timeless sentiment; we look forward to opening our doors to our existing clients and introducing the brand to a new customer base” – Creative Director, Andreas Kronthaler.

Let’s hope some of these high-end stores migrate over to our retail stretch.  We would love to see them here – and we certainly don’t need any more tattoo parlors.

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One Response to Vivienne Westwood Store Opens on Melrose near Sweetzer

  1. navid says:

    I agree completely! Thanks for your continuing quality blog with good updates for us. I recommend it to every new person I meet living in Melrose Village.

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