Neighbor Objects to Graffiti “Art”

One of our neighborhood activists had an excellent letter to the editor published in the Los Angeles Times last week.  The subject of the letter is “graffiti art,” better known around here as plain old graffiti.  Here is the letter:

Re “His past tags behind him,” Column One, March 15, 2011

I make no judgment on the merit of Cristian Gheorghiu’s current artwork, but I judge his past behavior on the streets of Los Angeles to be pernicious vandalism of the highest order.

Along Melrose Avenue, his moniker and crew tags were left too often to count. In my opinion, this admittedly prolific “body of work” served only to degrade the visual environment.

I applaud Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich and his efforts to relieve Gheorghiu of any financial gain associated with this past behavior.

Robert Emerson

Los Angeles

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One Response to Neighbor Objects to Graffiti “Art”

  1. I agree with Bob Emerson. The graffiti artist owes Los Angels millions of dollars in repairs from the damage he as done of the years. At least now he isn’t destroying and defacing the community anymore.

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