Get Your Chimichurri Here

We recently ate for the first time at Carlitos Gardel, the Argentinian steakhouse on Melrose Avenue a block west of Fairfax.  The food was delicious.  The restaurant is like a higher-end version of Lala’s (with higher-end prices to match).  If you are looking for a really nice special occasion restaurant, consider this one.

One of our steaks came with a fantastic chimichurri sauce on top.  For those who don’t know, chimichurri is an Argentinian marinade and dipping sauce.  The one at Carlitos Gardel is the best we have ever had – and so we asked if it was available for purchase.  Turns out, it is.  For just six dollars, we walked out of the restaurant with a big jar of the sauce, and we have put it to good use in our own kitchen.

So if you are in the mood for something new to spice up your meals, head over to Carlitos Gardel to get some chimichurri for yourself.

By the way, the restaurant’s name is that of an actual Argentinian guy, Carlitos Gardel, who is considered the father of tango music.

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