Get a Tour of Melrose Magnet School – and Get Involved

We recently received this request from Debra Mooradian, one of the leaders of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Melrose Magnet School:

We would like to extend an invitation for people to tour Melrose Magnet School to experience what we’re so excited about — kids who are engaged, teachers who are committed and a campus that desperately seeks community help so we may continue to thrive beyond the expectations… The latest round of budget cuts are the following: Technology Specialist, Math Coach, Arts, Chorus and now our Magnet Coordinator! Basically, all the elements that helped make Melrose one of the premiere schools in all of Los Angeles. Not kidding –we have about 10 schools who are touring, trying to implement some of our successful programs, and last year the Colorado School District visited twice to incorporate what we’re doing for their entire district. We definitely have LAUSD higher-ups attention and even with that, we are still struggling just to keep what we have.

We have launched our banner business (already made $3k!), a parking/valet service, and are trying to build a weekly Farmer’s Market on our campus (protocol, contract negotiations, etc). We are also having our first online auction ( and are nearly complete with our 911 Emergency Funding campaign (we’ve raised $20k so far, but need to raise $50k.)

To get a tour of Melrose Magnet School, and find out how you can get involved, e-mail Debra at

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