Breaking News – Fire Caused by Pot Grow House

You may have heard a lot of sirens yesterday morning, or seen multiple fire trucks heading to the 800 block of Poinsettia Place (between Waring and Willoughby).  Or, you may have seen police cars parked there later in the day, and wondered what was happening.

Here’s the scoop: A large electrical fire was caused by overloaded wiring in an apartment building that was being used as an illegal “pot grow house.”  Several fire trucks were called to the scene to put out the fire.  Then the LAPD arrived to investigate.

A suspect was arrested, but according to police sources, he is no longer in custody.  The police removed 183 marijuana plants, along with several lights and growing equipment.

No one was injured in the blaze – which was lucky, because the fire broke out steps away from Villa Poinsettia, a facility which houses many disabled senior citizens.

This fire is yet one more example of the dangers brought about by the so-called “medical marijuana” industry, which purports to help sick people, but which mostly seems to focus on making enormous profits for dealers, while shifting all of the related costs and risks onto the rest of us.

If you believe you know about any other grow houses or illegal drug activity, contact the LAPD immediately.  You can find contact information on our Important Resources page.

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One Response to Breaking News – Fire Caused by Pot Grow House

  1. marty says:

    The LA Times came out with a list Wed (March 23) about the “Status of L.A. medical marijuana dispensaries.”

    A number of dispensaries in our area are subject to close. For those registered (228) to be selected by lottery (100), they have a 44% chance (100/228) of staying open.

    The math for remaining stores: open – closure – lottery*.44

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