What Should Be In L.A.’s Budget?

In the aftermath of the recession, the City of Los Angeles is in poor financial shape, and cuts will have to be made to the budget.  What do you think should be cut, and what services should be maintained?

Now you can have a voice in this important decision.  The City has created an online budget survey for stakeholders, and is taking the results of the survey very seriously.

If you want your input included, you must fill out the survey by tomorrow (Friday) at the latest.  It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey – so do it now.  You can access the survey here.

Note:  We are in the Mid City West Community Council area.

The City describes the survey this way:  The Los Angeles Budget Survey deadline has been extended through March 4, 2011 to accommodate the many stakeholders who have not yet had a chance to voice their choice on which City Services to preserve and which will have to take on deeper cuts.   This will have an impact on the quality of life issues that matter to you most.   Take a moment to DO the SURVEY, and pass it on to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and associates, and anyone else you know that has a stake in LA.  This is a unique opportunity to have your voice and choice heard directly at City Hall.  Don’t let this chance slip by, and claim later that you did not have the opportunity to weigh in.

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4 Responses to What Should Be In L.A.’s Budget?

  1. Nancy Vimla says:

    This is really worth taking 10 minutes to do!!

  2. Marty says:

    The site is still active so I may not have missed the deadline. If this has been going on for the past year I believe I already filled the survey.

    There are a couple of thing I want to see: (1) pensions and benefits cut or a drastic increase in the percentage the unions pay (2) parking fines capped. For the latter we need a ballot measure. There is no reason to keep raising the fines.

    Think of street cleaning: you have 3 hours of street cleaning even though it takes seconds for the sweeper to pass the area. This drastically reduces the amount of parking available and if anyone dares to park even 5 minutes before the time is up, they are bound to get a $67.5 street cleaning ticket. It just does not make any sense. And it will continue to increase as long as the city keeps dolling out money for pensions and benefits.

  3. Marty says:

    Maybe a reminder to all that tomorrow, March 8, is election day. There is one ballot measure for the library. I may only visit the library a few times a year, but the place is almost always packed–free books and wi-fi or just a place to learn quietly–and it is a disgrace that their hours and days were cut. We spent so much money on renovations only to see them underutilized due to budget cuts that are completely city hall’s fault.

  4. Marty says:

    Alright I just finished the online survey. My budget went from -$300mm to +29mm. I am sure they will listen to us. I will wake up in 3, 2….

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