Clothing Swap on Saturday Night

Here’s a new concept:  get the clothes you never wear out of your closet, bring them to a party-like event, and swap them with other people.  All you have to do is pay the door fee of $20.  It sounds fun, and green, and an inexpensive way to get some fresh clothes.

Sponsored by The Swapaholics, the event takes place this Saturday (Feb. 26) from 6 to 9 pm, at Catchlight Studios, 633 N. La Brea Avenue (just south of Melrose).

The sponsors describe it thus:

“Whether your style is Indie Spirit, VMA’s, or full-on Academy Awards, a clothing swap is the best way to switch up your mix of high-low designers and take fashion risks with new-to-you pieces from other green-minded and fashion-obsessed Angelenos. Sip on complimentary bubbly from Freixenet, nosh on sweet & salty snacks from Pretzel Crisps, and swap clothes — all for $20!”

If you are interested, check out the web site of The Swapaholics.

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