Latest News on the Melrose Village BID

We touched base yesterday with Denis Weintraub, one of the leaders of the new Melrose Village Property Owners Association, which is working to form a Business Improvement District (BID) to make the Melrose retail stretch more appealing and successful.

We asked Denis how things are going.  Here is his reply:

“We met with Eugene Van Cise from the office of the City Clerk at Paul Koretz’s office last week. Also at the meeting were Joan Pelico, Deputy Director of the Fifth Council District, and John Darnell, Field Deputy of the Fifth Council District, who were in attendance to move us ahead…. Everything went great, and the RFP is being prepared, so we can get city money to begin the process of selecting our Consultant to take us through the legal steps.  Unfortunately, it looks like the timing won’t allow the BID to be able to go into effect until January 2013.   However, there are other plans we have to beautify and enhance the street in the interim, so I believe we will get changes going soon.”

Denis, thanks to you and the other commercial property owners for pushing ahead with the BID.  The residents and merchants in the neighborhood support you!  And we really look forward to seeing Melrose enhanced and beautified – that is long overdue.

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4 Responses to Latest News on the Melrose Village BID

  1. Navid says:

    Fantastic news! Thanks for the update.

  2. M Malone says:

    Unfortunately, you can now “beautify” Melrose Avenue all you want – but there will still be a giant “FUK U” staring down at everyone in two-foot high letters from that store.

    So, it all becomes pretty pointless.

    • We have to really disagree with that. It is too bad about the signage on that storefront – and we hope the store goes out of business soon. But virtually every retail stretch has a few stores that people would like to see go away. The important thing is that the retail stretch is appealing and successful, and that it attracts people and contributes to the overall health of the community. What Denis and the other folks at the Melrose Village Property Owners Association are doing is very necessary, and important. And the faster that Melrose gets cleaned up, the better it will be for everyone.

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