New Restaurant Playa Opens on Beverly

We drove by the former Grace restaurant space on Beverly Boulevard last week and noticed workers putting the final touches on the exterior of the new restaurant opening there, Playa.

Now the Los Angeles Times food blog has confirmed that the restaurant is open.  It is the creation of famed chef John Rivera Sedlar, who is best known for downtown spot Rivera.  Sedlar describes Playa as an “urban Latin experience, a dynamic combination of earth and sea, rustic flavors and fresh, briny air, the fractured desert light of Santa Fe and the vibrant energy of modern Los Angeles.”

Anyone been there yet?  Let us know how you liked it.

Playa is located at 7360 Beverly Boulevard, between Martel and Fuller.

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One Response to New Restaurant Playa Opens on Beverly

  1. For value and quality, my favorite restaurant is California Chicken Cafe on Melrose and Mansfield. Felix the boss there is very friendly and the food is usually excellent. Wood Ranch BBQ, Village Pizzeria, Canter’s, and Hot Wings Cafe are my other favorites. Mario’s Pervuian on Melrose and Vine is excellent too. I always thought a Kosher Ice Cream truck would be a “hit” in the neighborhood. Is it too much of a “mission impossible” to get larger waste baskets on the corners of Melrose blocks? Overflowing waste baskets with trash spilling out to the gutter/sidewalk hurts businesses and also makes the community look dirty. We have the world’s greatest neighborhood with everything you could possibly want but it just needs to be a little cleaner, safer, and resident friendly in my opinion. Hats off to the people who are running the Melrose Village Blog! Talk about useful and important neighborhood information!

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