Trader Joe’s Confirmed for 3rd & Fairfax

The A.F. Gilmore Company issued a news release today confirming that a new Trader Joe’s store will be built at the northwest corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue.  The new complex will also host a Blizz Frozen yogurt, and a restaurant and two additional storefronts that have not yet been leased.

According to the release, “Construction will begin this spring and the center is expected to open in late 2011.”

This location is across the street from the Farmers Market, which is also owned by the A. F. Gilmore Company.  It has been underutilized as a seasonal lot for selling Christmas trees.

There was a rumor that the first Los Angeles branch of New York mega-deli Zabar’s was going into the space, but apparently that was just a rumor.

Expect to hear much whining and moaning about traffic from those local residents who have still not realized that they live right smack in the middle of the second-biggest city in the nation.  (Perhaps they would be happier living in Woodland Hills?)  We ourselves are happy to have so many Trader Joe’s stores around – especially when other neighborhoods, like downtown Los Angeles, have been begging for a Trader Joe’s to open for years.

Here is the announcement from the company:

Announcement for Release 2-4-11

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5 Responses to Trader Joe’s Confirmed for 3rd & Fairfax

  1. erblockcaptain says:

    I’m personally very happy to have another TJs so amazingly close. Must say though that I hope they do a decent job planning the parking lot. No more close collisions like the daily near misses down at the TJs on 3rd & LaBrea will be nice.

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  4. KC says:

    And I didn’t hear one dam thing about the parking situation. Trying to park to go to Whole Foods across the street is like the Wild Wild West, and don’t even think about parking in the restricted neighborhoods, there are so many better locations (not Downtown lol) for a TJ’s so this is cool and all but parking will be…well hopefully you have time on your hands when you go.

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