Breaking News – Big Drug Bust on Melrose

The LAPD busted a large drug-selling operation last night, in a raid on the DNA Hydroponics store at 7306 Melrose Avenue.

The store claimed to be selling hydroponic equipment for growing medical marijuana.  But the police found that it was selling cocaine and Ecstasy.  Additionally, they discovered that the store’s owner was illegally carrying a loaded handgun.

Police describe the drug operation as busy, bringing many people into our neighborhood to purchase illegal narcotics.  The police have brought an abatement action against the property.

When we took these photos of the storefront today, a sign on the front door said “Closed.”  Nonetheless, the door was unlocked, and people were walking in and out of the store – including one furtive young man carrying a large duffel bag.  Perhaps another raid will be needed….

It’s not surprising to us that a business claiming to be involved in “medical” marijuana is really a front for the illegal sales of hard drugs.  Many of the the so-called medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles engage in similar criminal behaviors.  And it’s been clear for some time that there are dangerous criminals behind some of these storefronts.

The bust at DNA Hydroponics shows why neighborhoods across Los Angeles are concerned about the continued proliferation of “medical” marijuana stores – especially when loaded guns are involved.  We are trying to avoid a situation where a gunfight breaks out in one of these stores, and innocent bystanders wind up getting killed.

If you see suspicious activity at this store, or elsewhere in the neighborhood, contact our LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Art Gallegos, at (213) 793-0708 or


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One Response to Breaking News – Big Drug Bust on Melrose

  1. Thanks so much for the news on this. I think is strong evidence that we need police foot patrols on Melrose every day. If the police were on Melrose cracking down on all of the petty crimes, it would set the tone for the community and it would let all of the transient, criminal types know that if they come to Melrose, the police will be there and be ready to cite them for skateboarding on the sidewalk, drinking in public, loitering, etc. If Melrose is ever going to get classy and clean and safe, we need to make it an uncomfortable place for knuckleheads and low-lifes to hang out. Where are all of the pot shops on Beverly BLVD? Why is it that seedy businesses feel safe and comfortable on Melrose? I guess because Melrose is known to be a counter culture area where young, “trendy” people go to hang out. As a kid in the 80’s, Melrose was mostly about trendy fashion. How did it wind up getting so much like a “red light district”?

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