Tell Your Neighbors about the Melrose Village Blog

The Melrose Village Blog has been operating for four months now – and we have gotten a great response.  Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, submitted comments, and sent along words of appreciation.

Now, please tell your neighbors and friends about the blog!  We are entirely community-run, with just a few volunteers – so we don’t have any resources for publicizing the blog.  We know that there are still many neighborhood residents and business owners who have not yet heard about it.  So please help us out by letting people know that you find the blog to be valuable and interesting.

We also welcome your input.  If you would like to write an article for posting on the blog, just send it in to  As long as it’s relevant to our community, we will post it.

Melrose Village is a lively, diverse, and exciting neighborhood – and we look forward to spreading the word about it.

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3 Responses to Tell Your Neighbors about the Melrose Village Blog

  1. navid says:

    The blog is great. Has it replaced the website? It doesn’t look like the website has been updated in a long time…

    • Peter is in charge of the Melrose Action web site, but he has not updated it in several months, and has not responded when we have asked what’s going on with it. So, we’re not really sure. In any event, this blog is intended to cover a much wider range of subjects than that web site (which focused on neighborhood watch activities), and we welcome everyone’s input.

      • melrose neighbor says:

        ditto. the blog is great – keep it up and THANK YOU! we need all the communication we can get. if anyone can report info. to those of us unable to go to the neighborhood meetings, that would be a big plus, also.

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