Obscene Signage Brings in Heated Comments

Our post about the obscene signage on a Melrose Avenue storefront, Property Owner to Neighborhood: “FUK U,” brought in some heated comments from community members.  Here’s the response:

  • To Mr. Younai: I read your message and agree with you for the most part. Melrose is a cool, funky, alternative place where tourists come to see unusual and even wild things. Also your point about “FUK U” being better than an empty store makes a lot of sense. But I think there comes a point where store owners need to not just think about their customers but also their community and the families and children that reside in the area. Melrose can be gritty and wild but it also can be upscale and tasteful. The F word in bright lights is a black eye on the community in my opinion.

  • M Malone says:

    This is just plain sad and offensive. I have young children and don’t understand why they should be forced to have a giant obscene phrase thrust into their faces every time we walk down the street to visit the puppy store nearby. I think we, as a community of nearby homeowners and business owners, should take every action possible to bring pressure on this store to be more respectful to the children of the neighborhood. Change your name, move, I don’t care. But don’t push your base vulgarity in my kids’ faces.
    Maybe picketing? I’m looking forward to participating in actions that will impress upon the owners that our neighborhood is not going to sit around and be trampled on.

  • Linda says:

    The entire problem may solve itself if the store is not successful. But BOTH the business and the building owners that rent to the businesses should have some sense of responsibility to the residents of the neighborhood. Ultimately, they are what make and break the businesses. I for one will be avoiding the area until the sign is gone – no more trips to Starbucks or Coffee Bean on Melrose, no shoe shopping at Aldo’s across the street, no late night drinks and music at The Foundry or Vinoteque, dinner at village Idiot or Blu Jam Cafe or Vienna Cafe. Until the sign is gone, I’m taking my business down to Beverly Blvd. I think the other businesses on Melrose need to realize this is not only a problem for residents, but for them too. Perhaps there will be one less empty storefront on this property (for a while), but there may be more along the rest of the Avenue unless everyone takes a stand. Won’t do the property owner much good if everything takes a dive.

  • Marty says:

    They are here to stay, so might as well get used to it.

    Did anyone watch the Fockers movies, Meet the Fockers (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=meetthefockers.htm) and Little Fockers (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=meetthefockerssequel.htm)? The first grossed over half a billion dollars while the latter, in theaters since December 22, has so far grossed about $300mm.

    Movies, stores and everything else are named to get attention, and it is definitely working in this case. I have more problems with the marijuana dispensaries, which if you were a kid from Fairfax High walking to the next bus stop and didn’t notice the first one you have to notice the second and third.

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    4 Responses to Obscene Signage Brings in Heated Comments

    1. melrose neighbor says:

      there’s a puppy store??? i find that way more offensive than a lingerie store with a provocative (or something) sign!!!!!!!!!

      • M Malone says:

        It’s a puppy store with SHELTER puppies. Puppies that have been brought from homeless shelters needing a place to live. That’s offensive to you?

        And you call a word that is out and out obscene to small children “provocative”? Let me ask you this: If you had a five-year-old in a park with you, and someone was standing next to you saying “F*** YOU!” over and over out loud, would you be fine with that? And if not — why not?

    2. Marty says:

      How many small children walk through this store? And it is not like kids and young adults haven’t heard of the 4-letter word before, especially if they listen to pop music.

      WSJ’s artilcle from last Friday (http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/02/04/dirty-song-titles-clean-up-on-the-charts/)

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