See the play Caught at the Zephyr Theater

We just saw the play Caught at the Zephyr Theater (7456 Melrose Avenue, between Gardner and Vista), and can happily recommend it.

The play tells the story of a gay couple in Los Angeles (“Beverly Hills-adjacent”) who are days away from getting married in 2008.  When the small-town sister of one of the men suddenly appears at their doorstep, both conflicts and comedy arise.  While some of the play’s themes are predictable, both the acting and direction are strong enough to make this production well worth seeing.

We are fortunate to have several fine small theaters in Melrose Village, which provide the opportunity for us to be able to walk to see excellent live theater.  And because there are so many talented writers and actors in Los Angeles, the quality of these productions is usually very high.

Among the other theaters worth checking out are the Matrix Theatre and the Groundlings on Melrose Avenue, the Lyric Theater and Acme Theater on La Brea Avenue, and the Celebration Theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard (just east of La Brea).  Another mile east is the Theatre Row on Santa Monica Boulevard, home to more than a dozen small theaters.

At many of these theaters, a ticket costs about the same as at a movie theater.  So why not see great live theater in your own back yard?

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1 Response to See the play Caught at the Zephyr Theater

  1. Navid says:

    thanks for the recommendation and all your good blogs!

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