Obscene Signage Back Up on Melrose

Last October, we told you about obscene signage that was briefly unveiled on a Melrose Avenue storefront – before being taken down at the order of the commercial property owner, who had been unaware of what the merchant was doing.

Unfortunately, the signage is now back up on a different storefront, one block west of the original location:

This storefront is on the south side of Melrose Avenue, between Curson and Stanley.  It’s a few doors away from Starbucks.

The reaction?  Many local residents and business owners are upset, as they were before.  We have especially heard concerns from parents of small children.  One resident said that his 8 year old daughter cried when she saw the sign up yet again in her neighborhood.

Most of us are not particularly concerned if this store sells sexually-oriented materials inside the shop.  But we find this enormous obscene signage to be very inappropriate.  Our neighborhood is very diverse, with a large Orthodox Jewish community, and many young families.

The only apparent purpose of the signage is to offend people and to cynically get attention.

If you are bothered by this obscene signage, contact the office of our City Council member Paul Koretz.

The Beverly Press will be further covering the story in this Thursday’s paper.

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2 Responses to Obscene Signage Back Up on Melrose

  1. Can Sex Friends be Best Friends? That’s the new tagline for the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher movie “No Strings Attached” as seen on billboards across town. Mommy, what does “sex friends” mean? Do children really have to read these things plastered on billboards and signs? Will it really help the movie industry sell that many more tickets? Will this store on Melrose with it’s play on the F-word really get people in their doors to buy whatever crap they are selling? The sad truth is YES. We have sunken so low to where stuff like this makes people pull money out of their pockets. Vulgar and obscene is fine and even artful but should we shove it in our children’s faces? Well I guess it is fine because they already have the internet where they can view the foulest of the foul and the lowest of the low. Freedom of speech should come with some common decency and respect for children. Let’s show our children what we can rise to instead of what we can sink to.

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