Sit’n Sleep to Open on La Brea, T Salon Closes on Melrose

There are plans to open a Sit’n Sleep store at 939 N. La Brea Avenue, just north of the former KCOP Studios, and south of the West Hollywood Gateway complex that includes Target and Best Buy.  The location is currently home to a sound equipment store, which will relocate.

A spokesperson for the project, Robert Lamishaw, told us that the store should be open in about six months.  It will feature new windows on La Brea Avenue, and features plenty of parking behind the store.

Sit’n Sleep bills itself as “your mattress superstore.”  They are known for their annoying TV commercials – but we will try to not hold that against them.  This will be the first Sit’n Sleep store in our area; currently the closest locations are in Culver City and Santa Monica.

In any event, it will be good to have some life on that rather forlorn block of La Brea Avenue.  We need a more lively retail corridor to connect Melrose Avenue to the highly successful Gateway complex.

In sadder news, the T Salon on Melrose Avenue, just west of La Brea (and next to M Cafe and All About The Bread), has closed its doors.  According the company’s web site, they also closed their original New York location.  That’s too bad, because T Salon was a very nice space – though it always looked like it would be difficult to make a profit selling tea in such a high-rent location.  You can still order tea from their web site.

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One Response to Sit’n Sleep to Open on La Brea, T Salon Closes on Melrose

  1. Marty says:

    Before T Salon, it was a family restaurant which lost the lease and moved to Pico, renaming itself Pita Way.

    Was it really worth jacking up the rent (short-term gain) to a business less likely to survive (long-term loss)? I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire venture went down because of this expansion. Senseless. This is a loss-loss-loss for all involved.

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